Theme 2016

"A work of art is an adventure of the mind."

Quote from Eugène Ionesco


Diversifiers are voluntary constraint that game jammers can follow along with the theme of the game jam. This isn’t a competition so no points will be given or taken away for using or not using the diversifiers. Game jammers may add any number of diversifiers to their games as an added challenge to help them brainstorm ideas, or to try something new.

So all can play

Follow the accessibility guidelines provided by Able Gamers at

Play Not War

Create a game that is peaceful or nonviolent that excludes themes and game mechanics relating to war, weapons, shooting, battle, or violence.

Beat it

Sync your game to musical beats.

Location, location, location

Have your game utilize a GPS or network location to affect gameplay.


Include voice or sound based controls in your game.

Authentic Retro Flavor

Pick a system from the 1980's or earlier (NES, C64, Atari 2600, DOS w/EGA, etc) and only use a resolution, color palette, and music/sound style (e.g. FM synth, number of voices) and controls (e.g. 4 way digital joystick and one or two buttons) that would have worked on the original system." (memory, storage space, etc doesn't matter)